AAR - 3 - 14 - 2021

March 15, 2021, 2:29 am

As of the writing of this post, all rogue interlopers and wayward elements have been purged from the community. This House... IS CLEAR... for now.

Wayfinder's Notes: Two of our new initiates, Tatiana (@catashley) and Ailen (@cuchemist) are to be praised for their new designation as Novice Farmers! @clan harthheim is incredibly grateful for your time and effort at this, as the food produced will feed many raids: those of today, and tomorrow. The clan salutes you! (also, Jarl, you are getting a bloody crown, whether you want it or not)

-TURNIPS are the exclusive handling of the Chief Wayfinder until further notice. This is due to the danger involved in their acquisition.

Architect's Notes: FOB Crimson and FOB Emerald are to undergo complete overhauls, turning them into fully functional longhouses complete with a tech 2 forge & tech 3 workbench.

-The Road Improvement Contract between @clan harthheim and @WhyClydeWhy HAS BEEN FULFILLED!

-Every New Player shall now spawn INSIDE of the Genesis Settlement

-Two Silos have been constructed; one for turnips, and one for carrots

-The Trench has begun construction, and it is underway to completion!

This concludes the town council report. Now follows a tale of adventure...

Syvonea, Ailen, and myself embarked on a long voyage by forging a coastal road out of the toughest mountains and placing strategic waystations along the route. The roads were treacherous, and we were beset upon by hordes of the greydwarf menace. However, with perseverance, we managed to achieve our goal, and reach the trader.

However, just before that time, Syvonea bravely thrust herself between Ailen, the cart, and a pack of approaching greydwarves, led by a two-star shaman. The pack wasn't tough, but the shaman's poison was lethal. Syvonea perished bravely near the trader's post. We recovered her belongings and decided to press forward to finish the mission.

I had not known what would await me when we arrived. The trader enabled me to sell ALL of the valuables I had been able to carry for gold coins, supplementing the stockpile we'd carried with us. We were able to afford two strength belts, adding 150 carry weight to a person's total, FOUR FISHING RODS, and TWO HUNDRED UNITS OF BAIT, along with a small package of additional supplemental resources.

I additionally note that the trader possesses a circlet of infinite light, which could be incredibly useful over carrying a torch; however it costs around 640 gold coins, a steep purchase I was not willing to make given our LACK OF FISHING RODS.

On the route back, Ailen displayed extraordinary heroism in the face of further greydwarf incursions and several trolls, which the team successfully avoided. We exfiltrated the black forest without further incident and succeeded in RTB. The Waymaster's belongings await her return in her chests in the dojang.

Ailen is to be commended for incredible bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, and is to be honored at a future date for his fighting prowess, without which this mission would not have been possible, let alone successful.

It was an excellent expedition; however, the poison was level 2 toxic and could not be avoided, and the only additional prep we could have done was to take mead with us, which we did not.

ALL Glory to @clan harthheim, and stay out of the fucking mountains,

Jarl Necksus