AAR - 3 - 18 - 21

March 22, 2021, 1:05 pm


.. we gonna have filet o'deer tonight, boys..." -Billy the Shamanseer

Housekeeping: Planning has begun for OPERATION: WICKER MAN.

Architect's Notes: absolutely fabulous interior design work has been performed. Additional planning done for incoming technological advancements. The bunkhouse will be razed and replaced with a better, more useful building. The location for the castle keep has been decided. Genesis' Main Street will be maintained as-is.

Wayfinder's Notes: the primary rations for the 4 subsidized clan raiders participating in OPERATION: WICKER MAN have been produced and arranged, ready for distribution. Any additional volunteers who might find themselves accompanying the raiders WILL NOT HAVE SUBSIDIZED MEALS. Every raid is a RISK with the potential of reward, thusly, this is what we can SPARE FOR OUR TEAM. If you want to ACCOMPANY this team, you do so with the understanding that the raiders WILL NOT HAVE SPARE FOOD FOR YOU.

Waymaster Syvonea, Shamanseer Architect Billy, and warriors Gambit and Artyom were eating stew in the great longhouse.

"How long has he been in there?" Gambit asks, referring to the Jarl, held up in his chambers for weeks.

"No clue. I don't think I've even SEEN him. He's been in there since the valkyrie dropped me off," Artyom replies.

"He'll come out when he's ready, Syvonea and Billy say in perfect unison, and then they look at each other, frowning.

"I need him to approve some building projects," Billy mutters. "I want to expand our barracks to accomodate the private quarters for new warriors."

*Syvonea laughs. "Well, I need him to look at some EXPEDITION plans I've been cooking up... and the Merchant's Guild continues to evolve. We have to consider their demands when it comes to inclusion on future raids of utmost importance."

Suddenly, their number increases as the Jarl interrupts their private conversation. He charges into the great hall brandishing a massive bronze polearm. "MY FRIENDS! We are almost READY for the next big RAID. ARE YOU READY TO HEAR ALL ABOUT IT!?"

The group cheers and tankards slam together as mead spills all over the floor.

"Well, TOO FUCKING BAD. WE ARE NOT READY." *The Jarl sweeps all the tankards off the table and onto the floor. "We're too complacent. We're too DRUNK. And, most importantly, I CAN'T GET ENOUGH WARRIORS IN THE SAME ROOM AT THE SAME TIME for more than three or four days [4+ hrs ingame time]. Until I can fix this important problem, we can't get the job done, and the best we can do is KEEP PREPARING TO DO IT, so PREPARE."

The Jarl runs back into the chambers and slams the door with a familiar thud. The group, as always, is left open-mouthed.