AAR - 3 - 8 - 21

March 9, 2021, 1:13 am

It was a darkly quiet evening in the Clan Harthheim longhouse. The Jarl had just finished displaying the clan's victory tokens on the walls as the architect returns from a long voyage. While the jarl sleeps, the architech and shaman of the clan wanders the hall, admiring both his handiwork and that of the clan, united, in destroying all enemies which lay before them. The troll heads still bear the scarring from the arrows and axes.

Suddenly, a voice cuts across the great hall: "SO YOU WERE MY DEATH..."

"What in ODIN'S NAME WAS THAT!?" The shaman bellowed, challenging any who would DARE breach the great hall of Harthheim.

"You look so small and soft..." The voice whispered. "Tell Odin he may have broken this form, but the wilderness will never submit to his rules...

The shaman looked around the hall. Suddenly, it all became clear. The voice was coming from the trophy of Eikthyr, mounted carefully above the door. What gives him LIFE!? Why is he SPEAKING!? These questions, and many others, would pester the shaman for a fortnight or more... It certainly pestered the others, because Ichthur could not help but complain about literally everything: poor living conditions, the quality of mead, the wrath of Odin, and many other fascinating subjects.

The Dungeon Master threatened to mount him outside in the rain so that he could have but one peaceful drink, but the Jarl insisted he remain above the door, a reminder of the ever-present forces that threaten the settlement... of Harthheim.

Multiple excursions were mounted, one by the Shaman and one by the Waymaster, accompanied by the Dungeon Master. All excursions were declared a modest success. A training session by the jarl was found to be highly effective. More training sessions will exist in future.

-Waymaster notes: a corpse was left in a troll cave. due to the low value nature of the items abandoned, additional corpse runs deemed unnecessary. any lost items can be replenished with relative ease. The mapping of the biomes continues. One successful sea voyage was mounted of a "let's get there and back again" variety. You could say they were Testing the Waters.

-Architect notes: constructed the farthest out waystation yet, current designation Camp Charlie. The road has nearly (approximatly 7/8ths of the road) completed the terms of Contract 1. Contract 2 is still under construction.

Thank you so much for your time and attention. I hope you're all enjoying this.

Stay OUT of the FUCKING mountains,