AAR - 3 - 9 - 21

March 10, 2021, 2:29 am

Farming is tedious.

Day in, and day out, the Chief Wayfinder found himself following a routine. Plant the carrots, take a nap, fight the inevitable daily greydwarf wave, and harvest the carrots. This repeated until he sought to create a grove worthy of a shaman of Odin.

On his vacation from planting carrots, the Wayfinder deigned to plant trees.

However, the closer the grove got to completion, the more the forest... twitched.

Eventually, it moved. And then it moved again. Wave after wave of greydwarfs plowed out of the treelines, assailing the gate. But the Wayfinder was prepared. He sounded the horns... but no one came.

The camp was drunk.

The Jarl, Architect, Dr. Chief Dungeon Master and others were all passed out in a drunken stupor.

The Wayfinder knew what she needed to do, and she did it. Before the sun rose another day, the field would be littered with the scraps of wood and stone and resin left from the incursion.

"Plant carrots, get greydwarfs. Wreck greydwarfs, harvest carrots, replant. I step away to plant trees for one moment, and I litter the field with the bloody ruins of my enemies..." The Waymaster will have words for the others when they awaken from their drunkenness.

AAR for 3-9-21

It's a slow news day here. Farming proceeded as usual, harvesting & processing of resources continues. Some minor housekeeping was performed. additional foraging always taking place. So much farming is being done, actually, that it will eventually take multiple people to do.

Waymaster Notes: Was able to repel two movings of the forest successfully as a solo operator. The Jarl says, "Extra mead, my dear. Well done."

keep it up and stay frosty, but not so frosty that you need amputation.

also stay out of the fucking mountains. Necksus