AAR - 3-15-21

March 22, 2021, 12:37 pm

Town council session notes: -an independent proposal has been made on behalf of master tradesman Sly Clyde to @clan harthheim. it reads as follows: "An expedition to foreign lands, financed by my trade profits is proposed and is to be guarded by warriors from Genesis. An even negotiation will take place at the end of the journey to divvy up any profits should it be survived by those who would volunteer to make the journey. This is a voluntary trip and we will be taking sign ups at a future date."

A small rafting raid was undertaken in caveman gear featuring two rafts, each manned by a pilot and a bowman. The raid was a success; the group killed its first sea serpent and took the meat back home to assess its value. The assessment: HIGHLY VALUABLE STUFF, and we must hunt more sea serpent

Wayfinder notes: our next big journey should be up towards the trader on foot to check Syvonea's corpse and the surrounding area and camps nearby for the lost turnip seeds. Update on items for elder fight: at current moment, one serpent stew for each person involved to be taken immediately BEFORE engaging the actual fight. When we do choose to engage the tree elder, we need to be sure everyone has at least 10 turnip stews and 10 carrot soups, possibly 20 each depending on how long it takes us to reach the battle location. if we have FRESHLY eaten all 3 soups, we have at least 140 HP at each warrior's disposal. that's a big health pool, and we'll probably need every drop of it. -wayfinder proposes the southern 'Loch Gnotkhevin' be formally named that in honor of failed sailors in the past. Damn you, Gnotkhevin!

Architect's notes: -observed the trader's highway, and made short walk to a northern lake wharf. Watched Clyde set on cartographic waterway mapping expedition -constructed the Copper Cabin in Ailen's honor -Note is made of group desire to recon the southern delta to map the waterways in a cartography mission. -It was really fun today