AAR - 3-4-21

March 6, 2021, 12:56 am

The operation to retrieve the equipment was performed. It was a RESOUNDING, RAGING SUCCESS. All equipment and valuable items were retrieved from 3 bodies out in the wilderness. Brevity codes were utilized to great effect. Team worked together, stuck close, snuck the entire way, and confirmed MULTIPLE WOLF HOWLS from near the AO. Current Codes in-use as of today: SLEEP-Go stealthy. STOP: halt movement & go stealthy.

AS OF THIS MOMENT, A SANCTION IS PLACED ON TRAVEL BEYOND THE BLACK FOREST BORDER. Travel beyond that level at your own risk. The mission to retrieve your body would be more costly than your corpse.

-The Dungeon Master notes because of the success of the mission, unit cohesion seems improved -the Chief Wayfinder requests that the next round of farming be left to him.

pros: everyone followed pointman; stayed close; maintained EXCELLENT lines of communication and awareness of hostiles in AO.

Sustains -familiarity with brevity codes - first time implementation, can be improved with time -Identify operating teams before mission