AAR - 3-5-21

March 6, 2021, 2:29 am

Commercial activity has been on the rise! TONNES of negotiations and trade agreements took place; hard-to-find goods were exchanged for crafted items, as well as labor and material finding for rare surtling cores; additional crafting material finding was also performed by many parties.

Construction of the long house and the Clan Dojang have been completed. Optimizations could be performed, specifically to the dojang, but it was deemed not necessary at this time. The Chief Wayfinder will be making his residence in the Dojang.

The First Blade of Clan Harthheim was forged on this day, to be awarded to one @crixet Upon his return. He shall be anointed in the finest carrot soups and be knighted as Sir Doctor @crixet, Lord of the Dungeon.

I, Necksus, am declared Jarl of clan Harthheim's primary settlement. As such, I shall be primarily designated with technological concerns and the advancement of the primary settlement. The primary duty of Quartermastering has, de-facto, fallen to @DoeMrowMoe The Promisserator, who has been the sole proprietor of the carrot farming and processing operation.

The Architect's Notes: building an experimental log-cabin as an experiment on how to make that work architecturally, inspired by a house from Elder Scrolls III Morrowind. On the North Wing of the Long House, the jarl will have a private quarters. The vistor's center, also known as the workshop, is possibly going to undergo a transformation involving having it's door moved, as well as the boar pen, which will be enlarged into an oval, going into the frontal area. With the use of a pick, earth will shall be moved.

Wayfinder's Notes: Discovered ALL the secrets of carrots and have essentially become chief cook as well. "Stop giving me mundane hats, I want to explore, damn it." Noted, waymaster, noted. ;) in the meantime, carrot soup is now our finest food item available.

Goods sought: bone fragments, additional surtling cores, tin & copper both (but a slanted priority for tin, which is more necessary for more bronze forging, and thusly, more equipment).

We come to this Valhalla, dead, as Viking warriors. We remember not how we got here, but we know we are here, and in order to BE here, we had to have each other to get here.
Without each other, we would not be here, and without each other, we would not survive this hostile place. We got each other to Valhalla; now, we're gonna get each other even further.
I thank you for your time, and attention.

Stay out of the fucking mountains, friends. Necksus recorded on this day, in the five thousandth year of Odin's reign