AAR 3 - 16 - 21

March 22, 2021, 12:41 pm

A raiding party was undertaken in the first Karve boat to map out potential water travel routes and where they might lead. A swamp was discovered; 4 waypoints were reached, and two large bodies of water surrounding our south eastern loch have been charted.

architect's Notes: -in relation to the ship, the karve, and it's docking procdures, long, far-out docks are required for large longships, for reasons of rock hitboxes being outrageous.

pathfinder notes: -We found a new southern swamp continent across the big water. We don't want to build a base IN the swamp, but we want to build a base NEAR the swamp. the rock to its northwest would be OPTIMAL. -It is TURNIP season! The farming fields will be used for turnips, not carrots, for the foreseeable future for turnip multiplication. If a standing resource seed is to be seen, it is to be harvested and put in a chest so that it can be re-planted for more seeds.

The roads are treacherous, the waters even moreso. Multiple wrestling matches for the rudder took place amidst fog and storm alike as the clan battled the conditions. It was even speculated by the accompanying shaman that there would be an otherworldly reason that the boat gets damaged by mysterious rocks, seemingly too far from the vessel to even make contact... the spectral ghosts of defeated enemies from our lifetimes grasping for the Karve, attempting to drag the valiant souls aboard down to the depths below.