AAR 3 - 17 - 21

March 22, 2021, 12:49 pm

Shamanseer Architect Notes: GREAT haul on my way to the trader. A CROWN has been retrieved, LOTS of fish and fish BAIT, buncha other nice stuff. Visited swamps w/ guildmaster Sly Clyde; retrieved some goodies on that trip as well. We should probably look into making more mead, especially the frost and poison resistance variety. TASTY MEAD IS GONNA BE IMPORTANT for ANYONE doing courier-type work.

Wayfinder's notes: TURNIP SEASON IN FULL SWING!!! Turnips have been flipped TWICE; we've quintupled the size. A few more flips and we'll be rollin' in turnips. We're almost at turnip sustainablility, equaling that of our carrot output.

The Jarl of Harthheim is approached by a worthy novice, skilled of mind and blade. He seeks a worthy home to call his own. We welcome him into the settlement of Genesis, and he seeks EMPLOYMENT!

We have many such jobs that need doing around here, but now, we merely welcome the Warrior Artyom (@TheDataWrangler)!

The Wayfinder Syvonea and Chief Engineer Billy violently burst through the longhouse doors, the thunder and lightning crashing through behind them. The door slams shut with an eerie thud.

"My liege, I bring GLORIOUS tidings from the tradesman," Billy starts, but is interrupted by the Jarl.

"AH AH AH, now Billy... have you been going and spending clan resources on vanity construction projects, again?" The Jarl frowns, half-asleep in the crude wooden throne.

"Not at all, Jarl," Syvonea interjects confidently. "I promised you a fucking crown, even though you said you didn't want it. Well, now you HAVE it. Do what the fuck you want with it." Syvonea tosses a shiny silver circlet at the Jarl's feet.

The Jarl awakens fully from his afternoon nap, blinded by the light of the jewel at the center. "My word... it's MAGNIFICENT!" He admires the craftsmanship. "Indeed it is, and it is thanks to Billy that you have it, so show some bloody gratitude, you old coot," Syvonea scolds.

The Jarl's head sinks a little. "I clearly still have some personal improvements to make," he says, before hanging the circlet next to the throne and sinking off to his chambers. "Send for me when the fresh carrot soup is available. I have plans I have to make..." He grabs a quill, a parchment and a document appearing to contain images of giant wooden monsters, and goes into his chambers to contemplate.

The door thuds shut.

Billy and Syvonea stare, open-mouthed, then look at each other. "Back to work!" they exclaim in unison...