AAR 3-19 through 3-21 COMBO PACKAGE

March 22, 2021, 1:27 pm

the events of 3/19 through 3/20 are, as of this writing, not completely known and documented. All that is known is the following note by Syvonea, slipped under the Jarl's door as he slept:

We took a big set back yesterday but this set back is a legendary opportunity, my Liege. We found a most valuable location: a Draughr Village, only found in the plains it is a renewable source of entrails for crafting purposes.

Retrieving the bodies will be a two fold raid with one cart needed and two warriors to deal with draugr as they appear. We do NOT want to exterminate their homes, as we need many more to come forth and be reaped...

on the 21st, the Chief Architect Billy tacked the following note to the Jarl's door:

The Bunkhouse has been demolished and a new one has been erected. The new BunkHouse features Inn style private quarters for 12 warriors and a VIP Suite for the dungeon master. Each private room has one foot locker and space for additional overhead chest storage that can be added at the request of the warrior. There are Two level 1 workbenches available and the one on the porch can be upgraded contigent upon approval of the Jarl and Quartermaster. The Longhouse has been upgraded with a balcony over looking the farm at the request of the Quartermaster. The stairs to the balcony also lead to a Seer gallery and a deliberation room for use of the seer's Quorum. At this time i motion to nominate Gambit as the Elder Shaman and i will join his Quorum as Shamanseer. Once Guard Initiate Artyom finishes his rites of passage i will relinquish my seat that flanks the Jarl and move to the Seers Quorum with Elder Shaman Gambit.

When Billy returned a few hours later, the note did not appear to have moved, but was now adorned with the seal of Jarl Necksus' approval. "How does he DO THAT!?" Billy wondered aloud...

Days later, one calm evening, as the clan returned to the longhouse after the days' chores, the Jarl still was not seated at his chair.

There was, however, the following message, tacked onto it...

Nice job getting fucked up by draugr, but WAY BETTER JOB by Syvonea, who went in and saved everyone's best gear. Extra mead for the Wayfinder for rescuing that disastrous situation (that she may or may not have contributed to). I hope everyone learned a nice lesson about not being totally fucked in the head when they find themselves a hot new draugr stomping ground. Now that we've all had time to think about our actions, let's get back to business: preparing for OPERATION: WICKER MAN.