The Clan Treatise On Teleporters as of 3-14-21

March 15, 2021, 1:46 am

A Clan proposal has been made by Billy!

The following proposal seeks to modify the Server Wide Ethic on Teleporters, which currently reads as follows.

***A teleporter may be constructed ONLY under the following conditions:

  1. you have a permenantly-settled town town (defined as three or more UNIQUE SETTLERS who STORE THEIR MAIN SUPPLIES, MAIN BEDS, AND MAIN WORKBENCH AT THAT LOCATION.) The idea is to incentivize recruitment.
  2. that town is fully constructed and contains multiple buildings plus a common room AND SOME FORM OF EITHER AGRICULTURE OR ANIMAL HUSBANDRY.

*If you build a teleporter without those conditions, it will be destroyed by law of the server ethic and your materials seized as a tax to enrich the clan coffers.


Because portals need stiff requirements, there shall now be an additional Stipulation added to the prerequisites:

-ALL PREREQUISITES FOR TELEPORTERS ARE, THEMSELVES, NOW RENDERED AN IRON-CLAD REQUIREMENT. You must have the town council of Genesis render its stamp of approval on the portal, and the town must PRESENT ITS TOWN PROPOSAL to Clan Harthheim at a longhouse council meeting. This can be done by proferring a proposal that your settlement is worthy of being called a proper town.

-The Teleporter Tariff is levied on ANY TOWN PROPOSING TO EXIST AS A MAIN SETTLEMENT ON THIS SERVER. The tariff is 1000 gold, spent to grease the wheels of bureaucracy, and compensate the clan for the time and goods necessary to mount an inspection party. The inspection party shall render judgement on whether a portal is worthy of placement in your town. If the sum is paid and the inspection is approved, than your portal shall be considered a Clan Harthheim Sanctioned Portal and it may be installed at a central point near your bonfire.

-IF you try to game the system by bringing final-product-items made from items not able to travel natively through the portal (IE Metal Weapons) through portals in an attempt to sell or trade them with the primary settlement of Genesis, your item is reduced to a HALF-PRICE. This is to be referred to AS the portal punishment. So please cart your goods to town, or we'll smack you around with our pp. This is to protect the economic value and impact of independent traders and smaller players who would like to engage with the community in an economic capacity.

-All goods for trade shall proceed BY CART through Genesis Customs Inspection, performed by anyone who holds the voluntary role of Town Guard. Upon being cleared through customs, your goods are eligible for trade at full value. There ARE NO IMPORT TARIFFS AT THIS TIME for passing through customs, but as the community grows, and things get very busy, that could change!

The following clanfolk approved, and implement, this proposal: Jarl Necksus Shamanseer Billy Chief Wayfinder Syvonea

this proposal contained no less than three dick jokes played entirely straight.