the inaugural post- the first clan council meeting

March 2, 2021, 5:43 pm

no material of technological significance to our advancement is to be repurposed without permission of the quartermaster, (me). example: if the base is run out of certain supplies without reason, they need to be replenished. all trophies are to be KEPT; do NOT dispose of trophies.

"We have jobs for a reason" - @BeAsMyGodAm

@BeAsMyGodAm shall be designated as the Shaman whose duties to include architecture and a lead advisory role.

@DoeMrowMoe The Promisserator shall be designated as Master Wayfinder

-the master Wayfinder's duties shall include sanctioning raid expeditions for the clan. Unsanctioned raids will be taken of the explorer's own accord and AT THEIR OWN RISK. "Raid expedition" includes sailing expeditions, ESPECIALLY.

It is resolved the clan shall not be responsible for re-building any unsanctioned structures; clan-governed structures are designated as such by the council of the Shaman and Quartermaster.

The Grand Archon of the Clan is composed of Three Individuals: the Quartermaster, The Shaman, And The Wayfinder, a Council that shall do its best to put the WELFARE OF THE CLAN FIRST.

At current writing the SANCTIONED clan settlements include the GENISIS (MAIN BASE), the WHARF, CAMP DELTA EXPEDITION LOCATION and CAMP FOOTHOLD. Additional pit stops as constructed along our main roads shall also be considered SANCTIONED waystations.